Marketing You Your Coffee.

Witty marketers in the mid-tier coffee sector have done a great job of combining roast style, grocery store coffeegeography and brew method into coffee bag descriptions.

Certainly by doing this you create emotional and situational buy in, as well as the freedom to ride the line between blends that consist of both premium and consumer grade coffee.

Some you may be familiar with are:

–       Breakfast Bend.
Code for medium roast, pleasantly acidic.

–       House Blend
Slightly darker, you’re probably going to put cream and sugar in it. 

–       Espresso Roast
Referring more to a “bold” and even “punchier” blend rather than the brew method. (This probably is the most confusing of all.)

–       French Roast
Darker than the rest, also referring to it’s punchiness more so than it’s brew method.

Then you’ve got the full on deceptive origin descriptors that sell on the romance of geography. These include:

–       Kona Blend.
Currently you need only 10% of your coffee to be from Kona to call it that. The rest of the 90% is from anywhere but.

–      Colombian.

So rather than naming your coffee a “situational” blend, you can just give it a fake geographical association that might appear exotic.


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