Learn, Understand, Share; Coffee.

2055322412_fc90dcf73aIdeally, the experience of coffee goes way beyond the drink itself. If done properly, the coffee experience is actually a lengthy sequence of decisions, factors, people and environments all strung together in one seamless, quality-controlled chain. If one step is missed or botched the coffee suffers. At Jonny’s Java, we strive to immerse ourselves in the entire coffee journey, from seed to your cup.

Getting over…or under “fresh”

Fresh is not just a descriptor of what we serve but also how we think, the way we operate and the way we speak. Coffee comes from a cherry on a tree and, when roasted, is the single most complex food item in the world. Fresh is not guided only by formula but also by experimentation. What is the life span of roasted coffee? How long can our brewed cup sit until there are palatable fluctuations? On our journey we have come a long way and discovered tangible answers to all these questions, but still we continue to keep learning and teaching. 

Fulfilling the destiny of a coffee bean.

From their first phase as unripened buds to their final stop in a tasty cup, the lives of coffee beans are exhausting. This is why an important part of our ethos is to appreciate and respect what those beans have endured: they’ve survived in the soil, sun and through the seasons, only to travel across oceans to get here and honor us to handle them. Doing right by those beans is a giant responsibility and we know it. So is honoring the people throughout the long international process. Part of honoring the journey means acknowledging that coffee growers are some of the poorest, yet most dedicated, farmers on earth. Finding ways to improve their lot and enrich their communities are priorities of ours. Honoring also means respecting the role our employees play in the final moment of fulfilling the coffees destiny as we brew it for you with knowledge and skill.

The greatest part of the whole story is the accessibility and inclusivity that coffee offers. It’s meant to be shared and experienced with others. It is what we gather over when we want to celebrate, mourn, comfort and dream. So we encourage you to take part in coffee’s journey as you brew and serve it in your home for your loved ones… because life happens over coffee.



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