Iced Coffee: Automatic Drip Brewer

The heat is on and lots of people turn to iced coffee at this time of the year for their caffeine Finished coffeesintake. Last week we started a mini series on how to brew iced coffee using chemex.
This week we’re looking at how to utilize the most common coffee machine in North American households, an automatic drip brewer.

I prefer to use the Bona Vita or the technivorm coffee machines because of their stable water temperature and pulsating brew.
But in ether case, with whatever you’ve got, here we go!

You will need:

64 grams coffee grounds (slightly coarser than coarse-ground pepper)

264 grams ice cubes.

515 grams filtered water or spring water.

ice cubes to serve.

weigh coffee : weigh ice


1. Have all of your ingredients ready and weighed.

2. Rinse your coffee filter with hot water. (away from the brewer – do not allow the water from the paper filter to drip into the pot)

3. Add your pre-weighed grinds to the filter. Even out the grounds so that they are flat

grinds in basket

4. Assure that your pre-weighed ice is situated inside the brew pot, and your water is in the receptacle.

5. Press start button to brew, and allow the hot coffee to melt and dilute to the perfect strength over the ice. If your coffee maker has a pot warmer, it is preferable to turn this off. If this is not an option, remove the pot from the warmer as soon as the brewing has completed.

Pour over ice and enjoy immediately.

Although I find the chemex version of iced coffee much more pleasant, this is a simple way to make a quick couple cups of nice iced coffee for you and some friends…. Just don’t let Colton get near them!

Colton drinks coffee


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