If we needed another excuse to drink wine…

We’ve all hear of wine tastings and the prominence that comes along with being a wine sommeliersommelier, but more and more we’re seeing coffee enter this prestigious arena. Today I want to chat about a wine tasting experience I had and how that transferred to my world in coffee.

Coffee is often compared to wine and is used in similar ways when choosing what to drink as a great pairing for a meal or a great sipper.
Yesterday I attended a wine tasting and it was really great to see how my experiences in coffee cupping could transfer to wine. At each stop in our wine tasting journey we often ended up asking ourselves if this was more of a patio wine or a food pairing wine. This got me thinking more about how I could transfer it to coffee and how I do in fact often analyze my coffees the same way. So after letting this experience settle a bit I decided to make a quick coffee to wine comparison.

I figured it would look something like this:

–       Central American would be similar to a Pinot Grigio.
–       South American, like a Chardonnay
–       Africans with Pinot Noir or Merlot
–       Asian with Bordeaux/Cabernet or also a Pinot Noir.

You might even be able to lump the Americans together as well as the African and Asians as a launching pad for your own discoveries.

With over 1000 aromatic chemical compounds coffee is quite a bit more complex than wine, nevertheless I certainly do not attempt to fool you into believing that I am a wine connoisseur (or even a coffee one for that matter) but I’m on a journey.

I hope you could glean some insight from my first wine tasting experience and my coffee association game.

What have been your experiences been with coffee and wine, or food pairings with each?


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