Quick over view of what affects coffee price, and cup quality.

Exploring the world of coffee is a lifetime endeavor that should be approached with an open mind.
Coffee Farmer
As intricate as the farming process (planting, growing, harvesting, processing, and curing) is the coffee itself. In this arena all aspects come into play. From the brewing and preparing process; the grind, water, proportion, the beans; the geography (altitude it’s grown at, soil conditions, weather conditions) to the way it’s “cured”; wet method, dry method, pulp natural, or via digestion (in the case of Kopi Luak.) Everything about your coffee’s journey will directly affect the flavors and characteristics you experience in your cup.

Then you have the roasting profile your choose. (Which we’ll talk about in further detail in a future issue), and then the brew method you choose to use for that coffee.

It is important to note and realize that coffee is a crop just like any other. It is produce in the sense that it is the pit of a cherry. Like any other crop, it is susceptible to insect damage, leaf rust, low yields from drought or excessive rainfalls…. And that’s all just in the farming stages, most of which are issues out of our control. We’ll dive into all these aspects of the coffee journey and try to unwrap them in easy bite size pieces as the months go on.

The take out this week to immediately start improving your coffee experience: If you don’t already buy whole bean coffee, start here. This alone will take your coffee experience to a higher level. Try to only grind what you need at the moment to keep your coffee the freshest. You can buy a blade grinder at almost any grocery store for around $15.


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